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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Time may take us apart, that's true, ; 2:14:00 AM

~Credit to -Junius Lim Photography

~Credits to Sniper (Steven)~

They said I deserve the best, but if the best isn't you, I don't want it.

A man falls in love through his eyes,
a woman through her ears..

It's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences
than to stare at the line for the rest of your life.

Love stories, doesnt come about, like how fairy tales works, it may never be the ending we always wanted to hear. Cinderalla pass through stages of test and suffering than had a happy ending with the prince. But at least, it's Happy Ending, Happily ever after.

However in reality, it may not happen the way we want it to be.

The mark of a true crush,
Is that you fall in love first,
And grope for
reasons afterward.

Time may take us apart, that's true, but I will always be there for you.
You're in my heart, you'll be in my dreams, no matter the miles between.

-Many of us, fall in love, yet realise, it might be too deep to pull back in reality, you wake up thinking of the one you love, you heart skips a beat when he/she calls you, when you know he/she tears, your heart feels as if its shattered into a million pieces,when you saw him/her, you don't know if you should say " HI" or just "Smile", Deep down, all you wanna do, is keep quiet and give him/her a hug. Many of us wonder, why isn't love, as sweet as honey, as beautiful as fairy tales, the reason was, many of us would only cherish when they can't have it and yet knowing fairytales are just illusion. Love are like Magic, they are illusion, that makes you believe, fantasy do come true. Little girls believe in the clown that perform magics and make them happy, however, how about those dejected people, that is yearning for someone, to show them, at least the colour and meaning of their life. Love can't be brought by price, but we humans, can pay heavily for it. Thats the love we are talking about.

Loving someone is hard,
especially when you know they belong to someone else. However, if we realise, many of our sweetest memories, comes from the hardest love.

Somehow rather, i have experience many moments, that may stain my memories for the rest of my life, with hurt and tears, yet beautiful memories. When you fall in love, you realize, there will be many thing, you would do for the one, you love the most.

Perhaps one day,
you might see me the way I see you;
but for now, being as your friend
would have to sufficient.
`Seems familiar, or felt this way?

It's hard to wait around for something
you know it might never ever happen
but it's even harder when you know that it's all you want. And that is true love.When we look for the right person we always end up with the wrong one but when we just sit by the corner and wait, he comes along and shares the corner with you.

Wait for the boy who
will do anything to be your everything.

Without faith and hope you have nothing,
but with it, you have everything.

Silent Love~


[x] Name : Sherlyn - Sherliza Wang
[x] D.O.B : 25/09/1989
[x] School attended : University of Bradford - Tourism
[x] Last attended school : Diploma In Hotel Management - Shatec (DHM708B)
Time wait for no one.. Sherlyn, loves her maltese Eliza, and only her. I'm who i'm and who i desire to be. Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter. Because it don't benefit me either way.. Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3
[x]FreeLance Model - Photographer/MUA/Hair Stylist ( Any TFCD/Paid Shoot request, PM me the details and your portfolio.) - Avaliable for: Paid/TFCD Shoots, Event and casting, Bridal or Show etc - NO: Nude/ Lingerie Shoots - Portfolio can be view at:
Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3

[x] Nothing, just a simple me and a simple you is all i ever wanted

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