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Thursday, April 28, 2011
Love ; 12:36:00 AM

Tears are words the hard can't express

Credits: Junius Lim Photography

(Copyright- All right reserved by original owner)

I hate the stars because I look at the same ones as you do, without you

Love is never easy.

It just seems like another dream, she, the one you share your dreams, the one you plan to creates a relation, the one whom you can rush out from a place to answer her call, the one whom you plan to live a life with, the one you could miss, every single minute and second, the one that make your heart soften whenever she look into your eyes and the one you feel hurt whenever she cried.
" you're always mine, in my dreams" but when you wake up and realise, she wasn't there, you look at that blank wall, feeling all alone.

You walk pass couples, wishing your life would be just as sweet as any couples on the road, you look at the girl with a ring on her finger, and made you realise, could you ever had the chance to do so, with the girl you love. Everything were merely just an illusion, everything was just a dream to you. Everything was uncertain, however for one thing he know, all he wants was her. It wasn't foolish, it is true love, something we could never see in heaven and earth, we talks about it, but we rarely see it.

Being alone, was all he could do, however, he didn't realise that at the other part Earth, the girl he might be looking for, might be sitting right beside her bed, wishing, wishing that he is there for her. Their sweetest song carries the saddest thoughts, she looks upon the sky, and made a wish. She keep it silence, no one knows it. Tears roll down her cheek, she realise, she needs him, badly. Pleasure of love last for a moment,Pain of Love last for a lifetime. And every time they talk, they fall a bit harder each day.

Everyone called it an impossible love, but he holds on, to something, call faith, looking forward for every moments. She, who holds back, realise that, this time, it was a forbidden love, an impossible love, yet all she wants to do, was to walk towards the love, that no one would encourage for. She walks alone, with wound and injuries, she falls, but she stood up, for her faith and love.

What's love, and why could lovers gone through miles of obstacles,just to be in love, why wouldn't everything, be as simple as ABC. It was love , the creation of this certain emotional feel, call heartbreaks. Alone she shall wait, forever it can be, she knew, she will always wait..

Love, is never easy..


[x] Name : Sherlyn - Sherliza Wang
[x] D.O.B : 25/09/1989
[x] School attended : University of Bradford - Tourism
[x] Last attended school : Diploma In Hotel Management - Shatec (DHM708B)
Time wait for no one.. Sherlyn, loves her maltese Eliza, and only her. I'm who i'm and who i desire to be. Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter. Because it don't benefit me either way.. Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3
[x]FreeLance Model - Photographer/MUA/Hair Stylist ( Any TFCD/Paid Shoot request, PM me the details and your portfolio.) - Avaliable for: Paid/TFCD Shoots, Event and casting, Bridal or Show etc - NO: Nude/ Lingerie Shoots - Portfolio can be view at:
Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3

[x] Nothing, just a simple me and a simple you is all i ever wanted

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