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Sunday, March 13, 2011
When you walk back to memories ; 10:08:00 PM

Browsing through my i-touch note pad, and notice i didn't post this blog entry of mine, 11 months ago, so decided to post it since it was written and it would be a waste to leave it alone.

This is how it goes

"Seeing your face today made me realise how weak I am, even thou I though I am strong and could handle everything..Why you came into my life when I needed you least, and you walked out of my life when I need you the most..

Funny to say that it wasn't me who walked out, it was you..Perhaps you walked out so in-order for a better life, but I was scared to fall in love again..

I used to think that we all make our own pathways in life, what brings happinness and sadness to our lives. After meeting you, I started believing in destiny.Things happens for a reason.I cannot figure out the reason yet.

I never really understood the meaning of letting go the loved one, and if it's meant to be it will come back..I tried to let you go, and you came back just to turn my world upside down..

First time I laid my eyes on you would never imagined that my heart would fall for you..Every moement we spent together I remembered like yesterday.Just staying in silence and just knowing by the look in both of our eyes that it is the best moment of our lives.Your whispering into my ear still echos and your tender touch still can be felt on my skin, your soft lips still felt on my lips..

I kept telling me how much i loved me, and you never took my words seriously, until today. Hoping today, with the way i said that, the way my voice reached your ears, the way my eyes filled with tears, hoping that you realise what i meant.

If I could, I would give all of me, risking everything just to stay next to you, just to hold you, and feel you even though that would mean I would never be able to do that again...

What hurts the most is that we both know what we want and how much we want it, we cannot have it.

Do you still keep believing and not giving up?
Or just live with the pain and questioning yourself on what it is?

Dated on: Year 2010

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