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Friday, May 21, 2010
It's the puppy day ; 12:15:00 PM

There you go. Casper baby after his grooming, Agreeable that he resemble Shane. Fetch Casper at Shane's House than Vinc fetch us down to Pearl's Pet shop, Pet Avenue I think. Accompany Casper through his grooming, and waited for Shane to fetch him. Spend some time playing with Max baby while waiting for Casper baby.

Headed down to Scotts Road with pris and Vinc as Pris wanted to purchase her uniform, than went to have our early dinner at Katong. Went home after dinner as Pris needs to get ready for her Basic theory test at Ubi Driving Centre than send her down for her test. Spend some time clearing Vinc Car as it's sooo Messy! Althought she failed , but i believe she will pass in the next round. Headed to Parkway to have our Dinner at ajisen with Max baby , Vinc & Pris, A bad experience there. Food was served Cold, Rats fighting on the ceiling floor as we could hear the squeaking so clearly * Hair stand* , Poor service..

Vinc is in the mist of planning for his pet shop that he gonna open soon, still looking for shop location around the East area. More sophiscated service and personalise service for the customers, Will update more in time to come !! Took many picture with Max baby !! Love love

-Sherlyn loves Max`Kiki`Eliza`Casper baby <3

[x] Name : Sherlyn - Sherliza Wang
[x] D.O.B : 25/09/1989
[x] School attended : University of Bradford - Tourism
[x] Last attended school : Diploma In Hotel Management - Shatec (DHM708B)
Time wait for no one.. Sherlyn, loves her maltese Eliza, and only her. I'm who i'm and who i desire to be. Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter. Because it don't benefit me either way.. Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3
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Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3

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