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Saturday, April 24, 2010
Someone who lives in my heart ; 6:59:00 PM

Nothing makes tonight as special because of your appearance in my life once again.
It's the feeling I've been searching for, Perhaps it may seems nothing sophisticated, but to me, it's these that keeps me going on.. You'll never know how important you stands in my life, The moments were what that keeps me going these days. At the darkest point of my life, your appearance brighten up my life.Many things may not seems as it is to you , but it means alot to me. At times, i wish you were here, At times, i wish i'm there with you. At times i wish you could obtain the ability to look into my heart, take a look at how significant you're in my heart. I thanks heaven, for the chance to meet an angel like you, And when i miss you, all i have to do, is to look into my heart and i would feel one step closer to you. I've lost this special feeling 2 years back, and never once found it back, until the day i found your existance on this planet, we name Earth. You're the one that make my heart skip a beat whenever i see you, you're the one that makes me go soft whenever i talk to you, no matter how strong i can be when you're not around. You make me tears when i feel helpless and lonely. There maybe many people around me, but all i want is, you and only you. You're someone i would never want to lose, someone that plant me moments that i can never get from anyone out there, Memories that can't be purchase with any price. I miss you, alittle too much, a little too little each day. So near, yet so far. Imy...

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[x] Name : Sherlyn - Sherliza Wang
[x] D.O.B : 25/09/1989
[x] School attended : University of Bradford - Tourism
[x] Last attended school : Diploma In Hotel Management - Shatec (DHM708B)
Time wait for no one.. Sherlyn, loves her maltese Eliza, and only her. I'm who i'm and who i desire to be. Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter. Because it don't benefit me either way.. Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3
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Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3

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