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Sunday, January 10, 2010
The past ; 9:09:00 PM

"Nv in a million years i would hurt u sweety..i would rather hurt myself than to hurt u:) Dont think too much already k. all u hav to think about nw is hw r u gg to handle my love 4 u coz my love is going to overflow all over you"
Message from adrian/ 30/09/2009,11:23pm
"I'm sry...i've tried to change myself to ur liking but i can't.sometimes u expect alot frm me but i can't deliver it to u.. im sry..mayb its just me..its nt about my job or nt enough time... im sry miko.. we cool off first can"
Message from Adrian/ 05/01/2010,8:28pm
"I expect more n more??? Last time u make an effort to cook whn u nt working or studying.. u give me enough time to rest n relax??? What u mean by tht??? Rest & Relax n our free time is our being. we dont hav to ask permission to do tht"
Message from adrian/10/01/2010, 8:40pm
These is what i get from the one i love.
I don't love you, i love who i thought is you.
Anw, im still 20, i still have a long way to go. Whats more important now is, i never would want to drop a tears over all these thing anymore. Because i find no worth in crying anymore.


[x] Name : Sherlyn - Sherliza Wang
[x] D.O.B : 25/09/1989
[x] School attended : University of Bradford - Tourism
[x] Last attended school : Diploma In Hotel Management - Shatec (DHM708B)
Time wait for no one.. Sherlyn, loves her maltese Eliza, and only her. I'm who i'm and who i desire to be. Love it or hate it, it doesn't matter. Because it don't benefit me either way.. Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3
[x]FreeLance Model - Photographer/MUA/Hair Stylist ( Any TFCD/Paid Shoot request, PM me the details and your portfolio.) - Avaliable for: Paid/TFCD Shoots, Event and casting, Bridal or Show etc - NO: Nude/ Lingerie Shoots - Portfolio can be view at:
Credits: Junius Lim Photography <3

[x] Nothing, just a simple me and a simple you is all i ever wanted

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